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I’d like to call this meeting to order.

April 28, 2014

We have several things on the agenda today, but let’s begin by congratulating Sibyl Teague for completing her Master’s thesis at Adams State—her work is featured in an art show in Alamosa and was also featured in Friday’s Mountain Mail.

As an aside, Sibyl will enter a piece in the library’s annual art challenge show, and so I’ll take this opportunity to remind you of the upcoming deadline for entering: May 1st . Detailed information is on the library’s website under “Arts at the Library.”

The theme is “Tell me a story,” and we’ve made a slight change to how the show will go. Originally, we said we would keep the inspiration for each piece a secret until Art Walk (i.e., the image that inspired a story or poem, or the story that inspired a visual work).

However, some of these connections are fascinating and powerful, and we don’t want anyone to miss them. We will display the works and the sources of inspiration together from the start.

Next on the agenda: a reminder that the current art show will hang for just another week. The library has been privileged for a long time to have two student art shows a year, Spring and Fall.

I’m often moved by student art, such that the adjectival “student” is really unnecessary. We are students to the end of our days. There’s amateur and professional art, and while we profess to make this distinction based on ability or accomplishment, in fact it is all about the threshold of commerce.

But I digress. Let’s keep this meeting short.

The next library book sale has been set: Saturday, May 17th , from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We have been selling books continuously from the Mini Book Sale near the main desk, and the popularity has affected our regular Spring and Fall sales.

We had to wait until we could be sure to have the shelves filled before setting the date. The books keep leaking away through the Mini Book Sale.

But now you know, and you have most of three weeks to do some Spring cleaning of your book shelves at home. Bring them in at your convenience; we take donations everyday and accept more than books—audiobooks, movies, music, too. Please: no magazines, encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest condensed books.

We have nothing against these other than that they’re always left over, and we must cart them to the landfill. Yes, the landfill. Sale remainders have gone to schools, prisons, overseas to soldiers and schools in Africa, to booksellers, but the picked-over remainders from a sale must go somewhere, and recycling options here are few (although it has happened).

To answer other recent questions: The books in the sales are almost entirely donations to the library. Sometimes, we have books we have weeded from the collection, and there will probably be a lot of them this time.

Weeding is a challenging, sometimes painful, and very necessary part of library maintenance. We have the library annex into which many less used items move as we add new material to the collection. Eventually, the annex fills up, and we must make room there.

Will library book sales diminish because of digital books, etc.? Possibly, but there are still so many print books sold every year, and so many still stored on living room shelves and in garages, that we should continue to have fun for years.

Meeting adjourned.


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