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Really, this is how life is.

October 15, 2012

A year ago, October’s library columns touched on book sales, books, ebooks, vampires, zombies, disgruntlement, and change. Amazing! A year later, and we can discuss the same things.

Remember how you could miss a year of “General Hospital” and step right back in without missing a beat? Really, this is how life is.

Everything has changed, and yet it’s all familiar. Greed, hatred, and delusion reign across the world even as we sense it could all be different, if only. And so we try.

Last year, we actually had two book sales as we cleared the basement to make room for storage needed during the coming remodel work. We stopped taking book donations until this summer.

However, Joy resurrected her Tiny Book Sale bookcase near the main desk, which kept the heaviest book-buying addictions at bay.

Now, we have collected enough for a Fall sale, which will happen this Saturday, October 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Everything will be the same, except the space is different, the books are different, and the time is different.

We are feeling our way to a new book sale habit, ending at 2:00 p.m. in a newly arranged book sale “room,” which may work better than before, even if slightly smaller. We don’t know. We’ll find out Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

Since last October, zombies remain a popular sub-genre of adult and young-adult fiction. Recent studies show that this distinction in book-marketing—young adult—is evolving. More adults read young adult books than young adults.

I think this reflects the evolution of the content at least as much as the reading habits of young adults, who nevertheless enjoy vampires and zombies as much as adults.

And maybe it’s not fiction. Someone recently borrowed zombie survival guides from a Prospector library. If we’d only known, we might have had these on hand, but it’s certainly one great aspect of another change since last October: Marmot and Prospector.

These are the names of two library networks you can access with the click of a button—really, the clicks of several keys and a few buttons, but still, it’s easy.

The Salida Regional Library joined the Marmot Library Network last December even as we geared up for remodeling. Why not change everything at once? Well, one reason would be staff sanity, but nevertheless, we did it.

The staff did well, whether they know it or not, and now we come to October again not only members of the Marmot library network but also of Prospector, a wider network of public and university libraries in Colorado and Wyoming.

None of that even addressed the disgruntlement I mentioned above, except for ebooks. As of December, when we joined Marmot, we began lending ebooks.

Yes, this is possible. It’s even better now, because all the ebooks are available through our library catalog—the “Overdrive” collection as well as a growing number of ebooks from other sources.

And, if you’re a Nook user, you can now get an “app” that lets you download books via the Internet directly (for certain Nooks). Until now, you had to download first to a computer, then transfer to your Nook.

Many bestsellers are still not available to libraries as ebooks, but things change. Stay tuned.

Last October, there was stress and strain from the often hectic atmosphere in the library, and now I think the changes from remodeling have addressed much of that. However, we still have that irksome thing—the Annex, requiring “Staff Retrieval.”

You can see the Annex if you come to the book sale Saturday—mobile shelving the length of the room, full of more than 20,000 items we wouldn’t otherwise have. Pretty nice, really.


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  1. Robyn permalink

    I know what you mean about zombies being the “hot” topic for teens. Where is the imagination in that? There are so many good YA books to read and to learn from. I just finished a beautiful book called, “I Heard the Pastor’s Daughter Is Gay” by author Luana Reach Torres. This a fiction novel about a pastor’s high-school aged daughter who falls in love with another girl and the tension this creates between the girl and her father.
    I like to explore other cultures. Becoming politically aware is so important to me.

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