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April 16, 2012

If there is a distinction between remodeling and renovation, I suppose we’re doing both at the library. Remodeling carries the sense of a make-over; renovation the sense not only of making new but of returning to an original condition.

Mostly, then, we’re remodeling, although we’ve renovated some damaged plaster walls in the basement of the Carnegie building. This week, the staff should be able to begin moving into the Carnegie basement and moving out of the circulation desk area in preparation for construction there.

Our remodeling includes work in the newer part of the building—the 1997 addition. There will be changes in the staff offices plus a new circulation desk, as well as a new entrance to the children’s room plus changes to the window seat area.

It’s part of the overall plan to use the library building better. The addition in 1997 seemed large at the time, but we’re now three times busier than back then.

So, this is a kind of heads-up: We’ll make a temporary circulation desk, and things will be a little more inconvenient for a few weeks until we can completely move back into the Carnegie basement. The inconvenience may include brief phone outages.

However, the library will remain open. The contractor, L.M. Kersting from Buena Vista, has been doing most of the intrusive work at night, and that will be the case for the main floor, too. It’s been nice have it happen “in the background,” so to speak.

Also going on the background has been some work on the Marmot catalog. We joined the Marmot Library Network in December, and many of you immediately began borrowing e-books through the Marmot Overdrive collection.

Overdrive is the name of a company that provides e-book lending services. To find e-books, you had to go to the Overdrive site. However, beginning today, you can use the Marmot catalog in new ways to locate e-books—Overdrive titles as well as others.

You can easily limit your search to e-books or search the entire catalog. With the Marmot catalog as the Overdrive interface, you can use some of the cool tools available there, such as the “facets” on the left side of the screen.

Whether looking for e-books or anything else, you can use these facets to narrow your search with the click of a button, choosing a different subject heading, format, date range, reading level, or even look at things added in the last month.

The Marmot catalog uses software continually under development by a group of libraries, and refinements are rolled out almost every month. But this is a big one incorporating the e-book collections into the main catalog.

I’ve wanted this for years. While we just began offering e-books, we’ve had e-audiobooks for seven or eight years, as well as other forms of online content. It always annoyed me to pay a company for stuff only to have them get in the way. But they all want to be noticed.
This will be a nice change. If something looks funny, let me know. No amount of screening can catch every bug.

Also, our intention when joining the Marmot network was, through Marmot, to connect with Prospector, too, the large network of Front Range libraries.

Some of you have already discovered how to request books from Prospector, even though we’re not completely set up. You can, in fact, request books through the Prospector “Classic” view, although not yet from the new catalog. Feel free. It’s good practice for us.


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