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Jazz, diesel fumes, twilight, and then …

October 17, 2011

I had a nice New York moment sitting on my porch after the book sale. Our new neighbor had jazz drifting out the window. A loud diesel truck passed, its noise and fumes slowly fading away.

Twilight was falling, recalling the feeling of Eliot’s “Preludes”: “The winter evening settles down / with smell of steaks in passageways. / Six o’clock. /”

Jazz, diesel fumes, twilight, and then … a siren. A fond, melancholy feeling.

It’s happened before that we’ve ended a book sale with what looks like a nice selection of books left on the shelves. It feels bad to take them to the dump or recycling, but we can’t keep them, since they’ll crowd the next sale.

We can find homes for some of the leftovers, but not many. We had an overstuffed book sale this past Saturday, and our volunteers want to offer up the remainders one more time before we pack them away—especially since I didn’t do much advertising this time.

So, this Saturday morning, October 22, we’ll have another book sale from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. It will consist of the many good remainders from last Saturday’s sale plus whatever else comes in by then. Afternoon prices (1/2 price!) will apply.

If you have books to donate, this week would be the time. We won’t be able to accept book-sale donations again until after this winter’s remodeling project is done.

If you missed Christmas shopping at last Saturday’s sale, you now have an unprecedented second chance. Don’t miss it.

If you’re looking at the calendar scratching your head: Yes, we held the sale earlier than the usual Halloween weekend. But you have a reprieve.

What’s left on the shelf?

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Pirzig. The Things They Carried by O’Brien. Plains Song by Wright Morris. The Shack, which we couldn’t keep enough copies of. Black Dahlia by James Ellroy.

Wallace Stegner. Louis L’Amour. Vikram Seth. The Girl with the.

An interesting collection of poetry and prose by Jane Kenyon. The most excellent book Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez.

God: The Evidence. A collection of five Barbara Cartland novels. There are still good cookbooks, photography books, how-to books.

Remember, if you had a notion to free yourself of books by donating them to the library sale, do it this week in time for Saturday morning’s book sale.

While you’re still looking at the calendar, take note that Election Day may be wrong for Colorado. This year, Colorado’s Election Day is the first Tuesday, November 1.

Calendars typically list Election Day 2011 as November 8. For the U.S. and many states, Election Day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday.

While your calendar is out, mark next Sunday, Oct. 23, at 3:00 p.m. for an Arts at the Library reception and demonstration. Bailey Escapule, whose work is currently showing in the library, will give a demonstration of portrait painting.

If you’ve seen Bailey’s show, you know that this demonstration will be more than watching a portrait artist on the boardwalk whose portraits are slick and fast but everyone comes out looking related.

Bailey now has the honor of selling the most out of a library show—five paintings so far. This beats Roberta Smith’s record of four paintings out of a show—two by sale and two by theft.

Occasionally, someone asks, and no, the theft has not yet been solved, unfortunately. It’s a long shot, but I keep hoping.

See you Saturday and Sunday.


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