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ASCC Project

December 21, 2001

What technology do you really need nowadays?

A car, maybe. In Salida, though, you can ride a bike everywhere. You can check the time or your email at the library, so you don’t need a watch or a computer. No pressure to own a power boat. Fashion demands are few.

Cell phones are addictive, pagers insidious. Avoid them. Polarfleece is nice, unless you have pets. Hot water and washing machines are excellent, of course. Flush toilets. Bleach.

If you have Internet access at home, you might be intrigued by the latest development at the library. And if you don’t have it, more power to you; you can always use the library’s Internet access.

The latest development at the library is the ASCC project, giving us the epixtech ASP Horizon system, permitting us to participate in ACLIN’s CVL/Z39.50 and SWIFT/ILL initiatives and offer remote database access via an RPA module.

Oh, acronyms! They make me want to join the military; wear uniforms. Now there’s an idea … library staff uniforms …

The bottom line is, you can now check the library catalog over the Internet. Go to and click Library Catalog.

This is nothing new and startling. Larger libraries have had Internet catalogs for years. Many libraries of all sizes have web pages.

I didn’t see the point of putting yet another web site out there until we could offer something really useful for our library users. Now I think we can.

In fact, from now on, the library will do all it’s library cataloging and circulation functions over the Internet — something akin to merchants sending credit card transactions over the phone.

Three years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing this. I wanted our database on our own network, in our own building.

After two years of reliable Internet access and dissatisfaction with our current library software, this new technology appealed to me. It wasn’t available three, or even two, years ago. It gives us more bang for our buck.

I’m thrilled to have a robust relational database to house our library catalog and circulation information. I’m thrilled to offer new technology that puts our catalog on the Web and integrates it with the Colorado Virtual Library ( and with the new statewide Interlibrary Loan program called SWIFT.

Becky uses SWIFT for Interlibrary Loan everyday. Come Spring, you will be able to place your own loan requests through the Colorado Virtual Library. The program will first check our catalog; if we don’t have the book, then the request goes out to other libraries according to preset rules. The book then comes to us in the usual way.

When you first try our website outside of the library, you’ll note that the link to the Magazine Index doesn’t work. Not yet. That’s because it is currently authorized only for requests from the library’s Internet address.

Once our new system’s Remote Patron Authentication is set up, you’ll be authorized through your library card number and password to use any of the databases the library has purchased for patron use. Until then, we can give you a password to use one collection — FirstSearch — from home.

An enormous amount of “content” available over the Internet can not be found using regular search engines because it is not available free of charge. One buys access.

One of our goals is to improve your access to good quality content, whether on paper, tapes, discs, or the Internet. We hope you will be pleased.


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