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Simple Survey

August 25, 2000

Often, the nature of change is to irritate us until enough time passes and we find ourselves thinking, “Hmm, I think I like that,” and wondering how we managed before. Not all change is progress, of course. Sometimes, change results merely in something, well, different. I hope when we make changes at the library that we make improvements. And while the library staff is brilliant and insightful, we still find that we fail to think of some good ideas. Therefore, we welcome your suggestions.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed that a survey is underway at the library seeking your input about expanding library hours again. Our impression over recent years has been that the greatest interest lies in Sunday hours. So, we seek to test that impression with this survey, as well as solicit other interesting suggestions. When the board considers the budget in the next few months, it will consider increasing hours.

Our survey form has room for other suggestions, as well. We welcome them now, but it won’t be your only chance. We will carry this inquiry forward with an ongoing suggestion box: Perhaps you don’t care much to visit the library on Sunday, but you’d like to see baby changing stations in the rest rooms. Or maybe you’d like to visit the library on Sunday but would like to see yellow daisies on the tables, since Grandma always had yellow daisies on her table at Sunday dinner. We’re curious.

The suggestions can even be for specific books. Many library users already know that they are free to make such suggestions. Typically, someone will just ask for a book, and then we’ll obtain it for them somehow, either by purchasing it or by borrowing it from another library. But we find that not everyone knows to do this. Library users change, and we must keep them informed. Likewise, library users change, and we must keep ourselves informed.

Beyond specific books, you might like to let us know that, say, for all our cookbooks, we still don’t have a good Italian cookbook. Or that our Christian inspirational books are old. Or that the angled mirrors in the rest rooms really, really irritate you. And so forth.

I’m not trying to invite petulance here, although I may. But we can screen that out and perhaps gather some gems that will improve library service for everyone.

When you make a suggestion, please rest assured that we will read and consider it, but please don’t be offended if we don’t do anything about it, either right away or ever. For example, while we might appreciate the effort that went into your own personalized reading list of the hundred best books for Salidans to read, we may not attend to it, although I, for one, would probably look it over with some curiosity. Every library has its own character, history, and constraints. But this personality in a library evolves through its users as well as through the peculiar people who work there. Wait … did I say that right?

In any case, if you get by the library in the next few weeks, perhaps you can take a moment to make a check mark on our Simple Survey Form.


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